Rights of Passage - 2005 competition


Homeless people

By Jane Machart , 10, NSW

Homeless people questions why more isn't being done by all of us to address this ongoing issue.

I am extremely concerned about the homeless people living on our streets. They are not being treated fairly at all.

Firstly, did you know each night there are about 99 000 Australian homeless people living on our streets. In NSW - 26 676 homeless people, Victoria - 20 305, South Australia- 7 586, Tasmania- 2 415, Western Australia/ Queensland - 24 569, Northern Territory- 5 423, Australian Capital Territory- 1 229. Imagine if you were one of the many people living on our streets with no money or food, waiting for someone to donate a living!

Homeless people are not being treated fairly. Many generations ago they may have taken a wrong turn in education and have no job. Then their children and their children's children will be poor people living on our streets with no money.

As well as that, why don't rich people lend their money, that they are spending on food that makes you fat and tastes nice, to the poor people? That money that you are spending on rubbish could be saving someone's life. We waste our money on buying new necklaces and new toothbrushes and the homeless people don't even have food and fresh water to drink.

Finally, can't we give them another chance? We get second chances sometimes, why can't they? For example when we do our H.S.C and we don't get a good mark we are allowed to give it another try.

If we work together, I am sure that we could get rid of world poverty once and for all!