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Report of the National Inquiry into Youth Homelessness

In 1987, after consulting with a wide range of individuals and organisations attempting to assist homeless children, analysing current policy directions and surveying the available literature, the Commission decided that there was a clear need for a national inquiry into homelessness as it affects children and young people. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that children are to be accorded such measures of protection as are required by their status as minors) The Declaration of the Rights of the Child provides, more specifically, that all children have a right to enjoy special protection, to receive adequate housing, and to be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation.' It was clear to the Commission that a large number of Australian children were being denied these fundamental human rights.


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Chapter 1: The National Inquiry into Youth Homelessness (Word)  or  PDF 

Chapter 2: Government responses to youth homelessness (Word)  or  PDF

Chapter 3: Developments since the Inquiry began (Word)  or  PDF

Chapter 4: The rights of the child (Word)  or  PDF

Chapter 5: The experience of homelessness (Word)  or  PDF

Chapter 6: The incidence of youth homelessness (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 7: The costs of youth homelessness (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 8: Families under stress (Word)  or  PDF

Chapter 9: Family poverty and isolation (Word) or PDF

Chapter 10:Children in the care of the State (Word) or PDF

Chapter 11:Youth unemployment (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 12: The situation of Aboriginal young people (Word) or PDF

Chapter 13: The situation of young refugees (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 14: Income support for homeless young people (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 15: Youth Supported Accommodation Program (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 16: Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (Word) or PDF

Chapter 17: Private sector accommodation (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 18: Accommodation services (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 19: Health needs and services (Word) or PDF

Chapter 20: Support needs and services (Word) or  PDF

Chapter 21: Legal needs and services (Word) or PDF

Chapter 22: Role of the education system (Word) or PDF

Chapter 23: Job training and employment programs (Word) or PDF

Chapter 24 A youth accommodation and support services program (Word) or PDF

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