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Aboriginal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

Indigenous Australians can be bystanders no longer

Two years ago, we gathered in the red dust for a ceremony at Uluru and offered a gift to all Australians.   There was a great sense of hope about what this gift could deliver. A new beginning, an opportunity to re-define who we are as a country. A country that celebrates its First Peoples and resets...

Aboriginal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

Maranguka Education, Employment and Training Community Summit

Acknowledgements Jalangurru lanygu balangarri. Yaningi warangira ngindaji yuwa muwayi ingirranggu, Ngemba yani U. Yaningi miya ngindaji Muwayi ingga winyira ngarragi thangani. Yathawarra, wilalawarra jalangurru ngarri guda. Good day everyone. I acknowledge the traditional owners, the Ngemba peoples,...

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Rights Rights and Freedoms

Law, Lawyers and Human Rights

Law Week Breakfast Law Society of Western Australia Perth, 13 May 2019 Emeritus Professor Rosalind Croucher AM, President, Australian Human Rights Commission Acknowledgments Thanks to Greg McIntyre SC, President of the Law Society of Western Australia, for the wonderful invitation to speak at the...

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Aboriginal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

GBK Symposium on Regional Autonomy and Independence Gur A Baradharaw Kod (GBK) Torres Strait Sea and Land Council Torres Strait Islander Corporation

Introduction Thank you Milton for your words of welcome. Thank you also for the blessings for a fruitful day of sharing through listening to each other and hearing each other’s’ words. Jalangurru Mani ngarri balanggarri. Yaningi warangira ngindaji yuwa muwayi ingirranggu, Kaurareg yani U....

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Commission Commission – General

e-Bulletin, 6 May 2019

Welcome to the Australian Human Rights Commission e-bulletin. Published monthly, this e-bulletin keeps you up-to-date with our programs, projects and news. Subscribe to receive it every month. In this e-bulletin: #MeToo Movement wins 2019 Sydney Peace Prize New Disability Discrimination...

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