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Developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission and LexisNexis®, Rights App is the world’s first mobile application that allows users to quickly and easily search international human rights conventions and declarations by topic and right.

RightsED: Bringing them home (2010)

In 1997, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (now the Australian Human Rights Commission) released its report Bringing them home: National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families. Following this, the Commission received...

Face the Facts - rightsED

The Face the Facts education resource is designed to complement the material in the Commission’s Face the Facts publication. First published in 1997, Face the Facts reflects the continued demand for accurate and easy to understand information about Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and asylum...

RightsED - Young people in the workplace

Young people in the workplace contains a series of activities and resources to help students explore the issues around workplace discrimination. The activities help students to draw comparisons between the dramatised workplace issues and their personal experiences by looking at how concepts of...

RightsED: Child Rights - Index

All people – no matter their age, sex, colour, religion or where they live – have the same basic needs to live a healthy life. These needs include food, shelter, education, healthcare and freedom from persecution and discrimination.

RightsED: Tackling sexual harassment - Index

Sexual harassment is a significant issue in the Australian community. Despite there being laws against it for the past 25 years, it continues to occur in workplaces and schools.

Understanding human rights - rightsED

Human rights are basic to humanity. They apply to all people everywhere. An understanding of human rights is an important part of our individual status as human beings and of our collective status as members of the global community of humankind.

Voices of Australia - RightsED

This education resource is designed to complement the publication Voices of Australia: 30 years since the Racial Discrimination Act. The publication is available at: .

Commemorate Human Rights Day - rightsED

December 10 is the anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations (UN) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The UDHR sets out a certain set of rights that are the basic and minimum set of human rights for all citizens.