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Victorian Parliament Iftar Dinner

Remarks of Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner to the 12th Annual Victorian Parliament Iftar Dinner


The lion and the lamb: freedom of religion in multicultural Australia

The lion and the lamb: freedom of religion in multicultural Australia

Affinity Intercultural Foundation: Lunchtime Lecture Series



Same-sex marriage poll puts religious freedom in danger

Religious freedom could be seriously compromised if a referendum were held on whether same-sex couples were allowed to marry.

Following the events of the week numerous people have talked up a referendum, not a plebiscite, as the “public vote” on whether same-sex couples should be able to legally marry.

Referendums are for changing the Constitution, not testing public will.

Human Rights from a religious viewpoint (with particular reference to religious liberty)

Ronald Wilson


Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

World Conference on Religion and Peace
2 February 1991

Monash University
Speech notes




I. Introduction

II. United Nations Charter

III. The Universal Declaration

1. Place of religious freedom among human rights

  • (a) A matter of individual opinion?
  • (b) A social and political right

IV. The 1966 Covenants

2011 Media Release: Freedom of religion and belief research report released

Race Discrimination Commissioner, Graeme Innes has tonight released the Freedom of religion and belief in 21st century Australia report, the culmination of an extensive nationwide consultation process.

Are we really the secular nation we think we are? (2009)

Everyone has the human right to freedom of religion and belief. But often religion and belief can be used as grounds for discrimination and as weapons of division and hate. As a nation, we need to make sure that this does not happen.