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2 Scope of this paper

This paper is intended to contribute to discussion; it is not intended to comprehensively or conclusively cover all issues surrounding human rights in cyberspace. The Australian Human Rights Commission (Commission) has worked and continues to working on a range of human rights issues connected with the Internet, including

  • access and accessibility for people with disability
  • access and online safety for older Australians
  • racial discrimination and vilification in online environments
  • sexual harassment over the Internet
  • cyber safety for children and cyber-bullying
  • online safety in Indigenous communities

The Commission’s has also been conducting a series of ‘RightsTalks’ seminars on human rights and the Internet. Links to the full range of activities by the Commission on issues of human rights and cyberspace are available on our project page on human rights and the internet.[8]

In this paper three issues in particular are raised for consideration:

  • freedom of expression and Internet censorship
  • effective responses to racism, sexism, sexual harassment and homophobia on the Internet
  • rights to access the Internet.

[8] At