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Acronyms and glossary

ACSC: Australian Command and Staff College

ADC: Australian Defence College

ADF: Australian Defence Force

ADFA: Australian Defence Force Academy

ADFIS: Australian Defence Force Investigative Service

ADF Review: The Review into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force, Phase 2 Report, 2012 (tabled in Parliament 22 August 2012)

ADFA Audit Report: Review into the Treatment of Women at the Australian Defence Force Academy: Audit Report, 2013 (tabled in Parliament 23 July 2013)

ADFA Review: Report on the Review into the Treatment of Women at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Phase 1 of the Review into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force (tabled in Parliament 3 November 2011)

APCC: Army Pre-Conditioning Course

APS: Australian Public Service

CA: Chief of Army

CAF: Chief of Air Force

CDF: Chief of the Defence Force

CDSS: Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies

CN: Chief of Navy

CMA: Career Management Agency

CO: Commanding Officer

ComTrack: Complaint Management, Tracking and Reporting System

COSC: Chiefs of Service Committee

DC: Defence Committee

DEFGRAM: Defence telegram

D&I: Diversity and Inclusion

DFR: Defence Force Recruiting

DFRT: Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal

DGDFR: Director General Defence Force Recruiting

DGNP: Director General Navy People

DGPERS-A: Director General Personnel – Army

DGPERS-AF: Director General Personnel – Air Force

DNPP: Director of Navy Plans and Programs

DOCM-A: Director of Career Management – Army

DP-AF: Directorate of Personnel – Air Force

DPG: Defence People Group

DRN: Defence Restricted Network

DSOM: Directorate of Senior Officer Management

DSPR: Directorate of Strategic People Research

E&D: Equity and Diversity

ECM: Enhanced Career Management

FWA: Flexible Work Arrangements

HQ FORCOMD: Headquarters Forces Command

IGADF: Inspector General Australian Defence Force

IET: Initial Employment Training school

IMPS: Initial Minimum Period of Service

IRT: Initial Recruit Training school

MWO: Maritime Warfare Officer

NGN: New Generation Navy

NLDW: Navy Leadership Development Workshop

ODU: Organisational Development Unit

OR: Other rank (those not Officers, general enlisted personnel)

PAC: Promotion Advisory Committee

PAR: Performance Appraisal Report

PMET: Professional Military Education and Training

PQ: Primary Qualification

PTI: Physical Training Instructor

Review: Review into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force

RTA: Recruit to Area

RPPS: Recruiting Priority Placement Scheme

RWR: Recruit When Ready

SeMPRO: Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office

SCAC: Secretary and Chief of the Defence Force Advisory Committee

UB: Unacceptable Behaviour

VCDF: Vice Chief of the Defence Force

WINGs: Women’s Integrated Networking Groups

Project WINTER: Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles