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Children's Children's Rights
Monday 11 March, 2013
Megan Mitchell with Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre kids

Resources for children and young people


Resources for teachers, parents and carers

  • Resources for teaching about children's rights: See the RightsEd Resources for Teachers page.
  • Resources for teaching about privacy as a human right: See the Privacy Resources page.
  • New South Wales Office of the Children's Guardian's fact sheets and resources on the Working With Children Check: Click here.
  • Western Australian Commission for Children and Young People's participation guidelines for involving children and young people in your work: Click here.
  • Full version of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: See the About Children's Rights page.
  • Full version of the 2012 Concluding Observations by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child: Click here.
  • The Australian Security and Investment Commission's money-smart information for educators: Click here.


Guide to the human rights complaint process