A brief guide to the Disability Discrimination Act

The links from this page provide a brief outline of the DDA, generally and as it applies to a number of areas of life.

D.D.A. guide contents

More information

For more detail you can go to the Commission's complaint information pages, frequently asked questions materials, decisions in complaint cases, and standards and guidelines materials, available on our internet site or in other formats on request

You may also be interested in guides issued by some of our State and Territory equal opportunity agency colleagues to dealing with disability discrimination issues under the legislation they administer:

All State and Territory discrimination agencies cover disability discrimination issues although there are some differences in the detail of laws. Discrimination in employment is also covered by the Fair Work Act.

The Attorney-General's Department National Anti-Discrimination Information Gateway provides links and information on rights and obligations under the Fair Work Act and under State and Territory legislation.

See also the Australian Centre for Disability Law.