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Rural and Remote Education Inquiry Briefing Paper

Rural and Remote

Education Inquiry Briefing Paper

2. Rural and remote teacher

allowances and incentives

Teacher allowances

and incentives can include a range of income supplements and resource

options. Some States and Territories provide locality allowances for teachers

under categories of remoteness. In most cases these allowances are minimal

and do not offset the living costs. Housing provision and housing subsidies

are essential in many remote communities. The provision of this resource

varies across the States and Territory. In some instances, teachers will

not have any choice about their living arrangements and if they are single

they may be obliged to share accommodation.

Leave entitlements

and transfer options are also incentives for teachers. Many new graduates

take positions in rural and remote schools knowing that after the requisite

number of years they will have the opportunity to transfer back to a metropolitan


Leave entitlements

do not really constitute a teacher incentive. Instead, the extra few days

are provided in acknowledgment of the time taken to travel extra distances

to visit family and friends.

The following table

lists rural and remote teacher allowances and incentives in each State

and Territory for which the Inquiry has information.


of Australian State and Territory Teacher Allowances and Incentives (Government

schools only)

Salary allowances Housing subsidy Travel allowances PD rural

remote specific




for new recruits

PD & scholarships


Leave entitlements
Tas - Limited subsidised

hostel accommodation

For Bass Strait

Islands 1 trip per year reimbursed

- After 3 years

automatic transfer out

Limited scholarships

for maths, science and info tech teachers

Through the

Office of Aboriginal Affairs

Vic Minor allowance

for Remote Class A

? ? ? ? ? ? ?
NSW Locality allowance Some subsidised


Yes - Points system

for transfer

- Payment of HECS


7 extra days

per year

Qld Locality allowance Subsidised rental

scheme, rental rebates, single teachers must share

- Some additional


Transfer system

points related to remoteness

- Contributions

to HECS & provision of on site coordinators and tutors

5 extra days

per year

NT Professional's

Isolation Allowance from $300 to $1 200pa

Housing Subsidy

Rental rebate, accommodation provided but in poor repair

Reimbursed fares

from isolated locations

- Study points

scheme, 20 points provides 6 months leave

- No scholarships

for AIEWs. One six month study leave award per year

4 extra days

per year

WA 3 categories

of allowance depending on location

With conditions

single teachers are required to share housing

Yes - Transfer system

merit selection can work against staff

- - Remote schools


SA Locality allowance

on sliding scale depending on distance to Adelaide

After 4 years Removal Allowance.

Reimbursed travel for medical purposes

Yes Yes Limited recruitment


No scholarships.

Some on site training for AEWs wanting to move through the career




updated 2 December 2001.