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Rural and Remote Education - WA


and Remote Education - WA

Public Hearing in Broome WA

- 20 May 1999

Witnesses giving

evidence in Broome were

  1. Tom Birch, Chairperson,

    and Peter Yu, Executive Director, Kimberley Land Council: Indigenous

    education; language teaching; cultural studies; cultural integrity;

    parent involvement in children's education; parent involvement: juvenile

    justice; adult literacy and numeracy; Indigenous education and employment;


  2. Esther Bevan,

    Chair, Catholic Education Aboriginal Committee: Indigenous education;

    Catholic education; parent involvement; substance abuse programs; family

    support; community ownership; two-way learning; school boards; Indigenous

    role models; teacher selection

  3. John Bucknall,

    Coordinator, Aboriginal Independent Schools Unit: Indigenous education;

    Indigenous teachers; Indigenous education policy; Indigenous involvement

    in decision-making; culture of inclusion; equity of access; Aboriginal

    hostels; itinerancy

  4. Joyce Hudson,

    linguist: Indigenous language programs; language programs - difficulties;

    Indigenous teacher training; LOTE and bilingual education; teacher linguists;

    Indigenous language in schools; English language teaching; Kriol;

  5. Martin Bin-Rashid,

    Family and Children's Services Department: remote primary and secondary

    Indigenous education; income support; post-school employment options;

    further education; early school leavers; access to secondary school;


  6. Anne Poelina,

    Chair, and Ian Perdrisat, Burdekin Youth In Action: Indigenous community

    involvement; CDEP; access to alternative education; lifelong education;

    post-school options; youth suicide; youth culture as marginalised

  7. Gwen Bucknall,

    Sister Clare and Mary Vajda, University of Notre Dame: Indigenous teacher

    training programs; Indigenous education; teacher training and quality;

    Aboriginal teaching assistants; staff incentives; access to information

    technology; cultural programs; language programs; role models; student

    placements; early childhood education; teacher mentoring; itinerant

    programs; financial support; student support

  8. Laurie Andrew,

    District Director, Kimberley Education: Teaching workforce; students

    with disabilities; Indigenous education; Indigenous teaching assistants;

    special education teachers; student support; early childhood education


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updated 2 December 2001.