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Rural and Remote Education - WA


and Remote Education - WA

Public Hearing in Perth WA

- 24 May 1999

Witnesses giving

evidence in Perth were:

  1. Derrick Tomlinson,

    MLC and Chair of the Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council; Peter

    Browne, CEO of the Department of Education Services and also a member

    of the Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council; David Price, Principal

    Policy Officer, Department of Education Services and Executive Officer

    to the Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council and the Aboriginal

    Education and Training Council: Rural student performance; Aboriginal

    student performance; explaining performance difference; provision of

    schools; post-school options; Rural and Remote Education and Advisory

    Group; strategic plan for rural and remote students; Esperance Community

    College; Central Wheatbelt review; rural teacher shortage; WA administration;

    travel subsidies; Aboriginal teacher training

  2. Kim Collard, Aboriginal

    Education Training Council; with David Price, Executive Officer: Aboriginal

    Studies; Strategic Plan for Aboriginal education; IESIP

  3. Daryl Carmody,

    Coordinator of Educational Services, WA Ministry of Justice: Education

    in detention centres; remote and rural juvenile offenders

  4. John Borserio,

    regional officer for Catholic education; Michael King, head of section,

    Student Support Services, Catholic Education Office: Catholic education;

    teacher recruitment; boarding; teacher housing; Indigenous teachers;

    funding for Catholic education; technology; student transport; racial


  5. Peter Reynolds,

    Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Education, Edith Cowan University:

    Edith Cowan University programs; Aboriginal education; teacher training;

    Aboriginal tertiary education; parent expectations; teacher recruitment;

    rural secondary education

  6. Jayne Johnston,

    Acting Executive Director of Educational Programs, WA Education Department;

    Neil Jarvis, Acting Executive Director of Business and Resources, WA

    Education Department; Stephen Home, Executive Director of Human Resources,

    WA Education Department: Rural student performance; resources and funding;

    information technology; rural and remote teachers; Remote Teaching Service

    incentives; curriculum; students at risk; early childhood education;

    students with disabilities; Aboriginal education; early childhood pilot

    projects; literacy and numeracy; funding and staffing formulae; Aboriginal

    Education Workers; travel subsidies; itinerant students; Aboriginal

    language teaching; alternative education for excluded students; telecommunications

  7. Helen Newland,

    Isolated Children's Parents Association WA State Council: availability

    and accessibility; School of Isolated and Distance Education; costs;

    income support and subsidies; Country Areas Program; transport; teaching

    incentives; staffing formulae; distance education; information technology;

    student health; home tutors; students with disabilities

  8. David Kelly, General

    Secretary, State School Teachers Union of WA: Teacher recruitment; industrial

    issues; Remote Teaching Service; regional centres; disability; specialist

    itinerant teachers; information technology; Aboriginal Education Workers

  9. Elaine Rabbitt,

    Coordinator of the Broome Regional Campus of Edith Cowan University:

    Travel subsidies; Abstudy


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updated 2 December 2001.