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Rural and Remote Education - WA


and Remote Education - WA

Meeting with Warmun Community

School students, 18 May 1999 - Notes

Five students from

Years 8 and 9 participated in this meeting at the Kimberley Language Centre

in Halls Creek.

Warmun (Turkey Creek)

is a small community between Kununurra from Halls Creek. Warmun Community

School was established in 1979 at the request of the Kija people in the

area and is administered by the Catholic Education Office. The school

offers courses from primary to secondary and has approximately 130 students

enrolled. Approximately 25 of these students are in the secondary school.

Students who wish to continue to Year 12 are encouraged to attend school

in Perth or Darwin. The main languages spoken in Warmun include Kriol,

Kija and English.


The students enjoy

sport, art, music and metalwork. They are proud of the school art shows

and also the school band which goes to Wyndham to perform. There are plenty

of musical instruments to play. Girls study personal development while

the boys study manual art.

Students in the secondary

years can study Foundation Studies and General Studies, and also some

classes by Distance Education.* Most students present at the

meeting study Foundation Studies.

They are also taken

out into the bush to learn from the elders, girls and boys separately,

which they enjoy.


They have been on

some school excursions, for example to Canberra, which they enjoy very

much. Occasionally they have sporting events with other schools but they

would like to have more of these.


The school offers

sandwich lunches. Some of the students express a desire for more lunch

food and drinks to be available.


The students want

more sports equipment. In particular they need better grass on the oval

and goal posts so they can play football.

School grounds

It is also very hot

in Warmun. The students want shade on the basketball court and cold water

bubblers to drink from. There is only one water bubbler in the high school.

One student said

that they need a separate playground for the little kids at the school.

Size of school

The students would

like the secondary school to have more students enrolled so that there

are more students to play with.

Future study or


The students have

no clear plans about what they wanted to do or if they wanted to go on

to study. One student said he wants to work on a station doing mustering.

Sometimes the students do have an opportunity for work experience in this


The students do not

want to go away to Perth to study because they have heard that students

down in Perth pick on other kids.


* Foundation

Studies is an intensive competency-based adult literacy program which

students can study in primary and secondary schools as a transition to

the mainstream curriculum The General Studies program complements and

extends these literacy skills at the next level.


updated 2 December 2001.