How young people can get involved in human rights

Promoting and protecting human rights is everyone’s responsibility. Here are some ways that you can find out more about human rights and get involved!

Something in Common

Something in Common logo

Something In Common is a place where you can find out about human rights issues facing Australians today, share your own stories about human rights, and take action on the issues you care about.

BackMeUp 2013

BackMeUp Logo

BackMeUp is all about tacking action on cyberbullying. To get involved, all you have to do is make a short video (no more than 2 minutes) about how you could help someone who is being cyber-bullied. There are some pretty funky prizes up for grabs too! Take part here!

The Big Banter

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What do you think would make the lives of Australia's children and young people better? Over the next few months Megan Mitchell, Australia’s first ever Children’s Commissioner, is travelling to all over Australia talking to as many children and young people as she can. It’s called The Big Banter.

Get involved and share your story with the Children's Commissioner herself!

Racism it stops with me

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Did you know that 89% of Australians aged 13-17 told us that they had experienced racism or seen it happen to someone else? That’s not cool! We want to see an Australia where everyone is treated with respect, no matter what their skin colour, background or culture. Do you?
Check out Racism it stops with me to learn more about racism and how to fight it here.