Gumatj clan ceremonial leaders at the opening ceremony of the First Nations National Convention in Uluru

‘We cannot deny the rightful place of Australia’s First Peoples’

Constitutional reform and zero tolerance for racism would help build a nation that recognises the rightful place of Australia's First Peoples, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar has told the Castan Centre...
Friday 21 July 2017

Children and racism

  2017 Castan Centre Human Rights Law Conference The Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne Friday 21 July 2017[Check against delivery]Introduction in BunubaJalangurru lanygu balanggarri.Yaningi warangira ngindaji yuwa muwayi ingirranggu, Boon Wurrung...
Friday 21 July 2017

Violence, neglect and abuse, UN OEWGA, New York

Thank you Mr/Madam Chair.I am very grateful for the opportunity, as a member of an NHRI, to participate in this panel on violence, neglect and abuse of older people. I speak on behalf of the Australian Human Rights Commission in my role as Australia...
Monday 17 July 2017

Multiculturalism, mental health and the psychology of racism

Speech given to the Western Australian Multicultural Mental Health Forum, PerthCheck against deliveryOur multiculturalism involves a basic idea. That we recognise and celebrate our diversity in cultures. That everyone can be comfortable in their own...
Friday 7 July 2017
youth in detention

Governments must end abuse of young people in detention

The Australian Human Rights Commission today expressed continuing and deep concern about the abuse of young people in detention.“The focus on punitive measures is failing young people. A much better approach is to focus on effective early...
Friday 7 July 2017

Reaching the highest standard of health for adolescents

Speech given at the Australian Association for Adolescent Health 2017 ConferenceDate: 10am - 11am, Thursday 6 July 2017IntroductionGood morning. It’s a pleasure to be here to speak about the work I have done as Australia’s first National Children’s...
Friday 7 July 2017
parliament house

Human Rights Commissioner calls for OPCAT input

Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow is seeking submissions on Australia’s implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT).“The Federal Government has outlined some of the key features of how it intends OPCAT to...
Friday 7 July 2017
Arash Bordbar and UNHCR trainees

From asylum seeker to young leader: Arash Bordbar

By Isaiah Dawe.Arash Bordbar is a 23 year-old refugee from Iran and an inspiring advocate for refugees’ access to education and employment opportunities.In December 2016, Arash was awarded the Young People’s Human Rights Medal. Arash was amazed. “I...
Thursday 6 July 2017
Photo of Aboriginal boy with bat lantern. Nimbois Bat by Sean Spencer.

Photo competition - $600 prize up for grabs

The 2017 Human Rights Photography competition is now open to children and adults around the country, with a $600 prize up for grabs for the most outstanding image!For almost a decade, the Australian Human Rights Commission has been holding photo...
Thursday 29 June 2017

Cultural diversity and the arts

Speech given to the Diversity Arts Australia symposium - check against delivery
Thursday 29 June 2017