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Information for Job Applicants

Human Resources
Friday 14 December, 2012

If you are blind or visually impaired the Commission can provide information in alternative formats on request.

Selections for Commission positions are based on merit, meaning that:

  • an assessment is made of the relative suitability of the candidates for the duties, using a competitive selection process; and
  • the assessment is based on the relationship between the candidates' work-related qualities and the work-related qualities genuinely required for the duties; and
  • the assessment focuses on the relative capacity of the candidates to achieve outcomes related to the duties; and
  • the assessment is the primary consideration in making the decision.

Applicants for ongoing employment opportunities should be aware that the names of successful applicants will be notified in all formats of the electronic APS Employment Gazette.


Conditions of employment

The Australian Human Rights Commission Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019 outlines conditions of service and remuneration. It is available in Word format (159 kb) and PDF format (372 kb, or via e-mail request from

For information on the Commission's workplace culture and pathways please click here.


Information for Applicants

  • Graduates:
    The Commission does not have a formal Graduate Program, however graduates are encouraged to apply for positions vacant at the Commission.
  • Volunteers:
    For insurance reasons, the Commission is not able to employ people on a voluntary basis. People wishing to volunteer for human rights organisations may wish to contact agencies such as non-government organisations (NGO's) or other community groups.
  • Interns:
    The Commission runs two intakes for the Internship program during the year. These intakes are advertised on our website in March/April and in September/October.  Please refer to the Jobs - Current vacancies page for further information about the program and associated dates.
  • Non-Ongoing Employment
  • Download in PDF [28KB]
  • Download in Word [176KB]

Lodging your application

Applications must be received by close of business on the closing date. The selection committee is under no obligation to accept late applications.

Send your application to:

The Human Resources Officer
Australian Human Rights Commission
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001

Or electronically to in Word for Windows format. Emailed applications should be sent as one attachment and hard copy applications are not required to be sent.

All applicants please note:

The Commission acknowledges all applications electronically on receipt. Only those applicants shortlisted for interview will be contacted regarding the next phase of the selection process and this will occur within 4 weeks of the closing date.

To those applicants who are not shortlisted, we extend our thanks for considering the Commission as a potential employer.

If you have not received an electronic acknowledgement after submitting your application, please contact Human Resources promptly on (02) 9284-9733, to ensure that the Commission has received your application.

Australian Public Service Commission

Applicants may also find the following guide produced by the Australian Public Service Commission useful Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service. The guide provides a series of fact sheets with information and tips to help you understand what types of jobs are available in the Australian Public Service,  where to find them and how to apply for jobs and address selection criteria.


Job Eligibility Criteria

All ongoing positions are generally open to all Australians. Australian citizenship is a usual requirement of engagement unless waived by the Agency Head.

There are restrictions on employment of people who have, within the previous 12 months, accepted a redundancy benefit from an APS agency or a non-APS Commonwealth employer.

More detailed general information on eligibility requirements is contained in the Commonwealth of Australia Public Service Gazette.



The primary function of your written application is to provide sufficient information about your skills, knowledge and experience to allow the Selection Committee to assess your suitability for the position and, if interviews are being conducted, whether you should be interviewed for the position.

Applications should contain the following information listed below.

Personal details

Please download and complete the Applicant Details form - available in  ApplicationCoverSheet.docx and attach it to the front of your application.



This should outline your previous work history in chronological order starting from your most recent position, together with a brief description of the duties associated with the positions you have held. It should also outline your education and training and be no longer than two or three pages.

Cover letter and additional information to support your application

Please attach a cover letter that outlines your specific interest in the position and for working with the Commission. The information you provide will assist us to determine whether your skills, knowledge and experience are the right fit for the position, so be accurate, succinct and show a clear connection with the selection criteria for the role. There is no longer a requirement to address each selection criterion separately. On occassion, we may ask candidates to respond to 1-2 questions which are intended to assist us to distinguish between candidates.


Please provide the name and telephone number of at least two people who have agreed to act as a referee for your application. One of these people should be your current supervisor. You should advise your referees that they might be contacted and asked for either verbal or written comments on your work performance in relation to the selection criteria.

Preparing Your Application

The following do's and dont's may be helpful in developing your application:

  • be concise, clear, relevant and accurate
  • organise your application in an easy to follow format
  • provide information about your experience based on the selection criteria
  • provide great detail about duties performed many years ago and that are not relevant to the position you are applying for
  • submit a very long application
  • use third or fourth generation photocopies of previous applications or very general applications
  • use folders or binders or submit multiple copies, as they are not required

In most cases, your application, interview and referee's comments are take into account in reaching the final decision. If you are selected for an interview, you will be advised of the date and time of the interview at least two days in advance. There may be occasions where an interview may not be necessary and assessment will be made on the basis of the application and referee report only.

Facilities can be made available for applicants with disabilities.

Email inquiries on recruitment matters can be sent to